About Course Modules

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Welcome to Bullet Journaling for Beginners!!

If you are taking this course, that means that you want to get started with bullet journaling but don’t know how to start! Before you get started, feel free to browse around the course. The course has 7 sections including:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Brainstorm Stage
  • Prep Stage
  • Planning Stage
  • Creation Stage
  • Revision Stage
  • How to Advance From Here

Each section or stage in the course is broken down into smaller lectures meant to make getting started with bullet journaling beyond easy! Let’s Get started!

Goals for the Course:

  • Have a basic understanding of bullet journal
  • Create a plan for your own bullet journal
  • Effectively implement bullet journal plan
  • Thrive with bullet journaling

Contact me here for one-on-one assistance at any time!